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Cerulean Coleta, Ameritano, Azteca, IBHA

E. Preto, Lusitano, APSL Revised~IALHA X Jaz SD Calypso, AQHA, NFQHA, IBHA

2018 Grulla Ameritano, Azteca (IALHA) Filly

Should mature at 15.2 

*Registrations pending


Looking for that ultimate equine partner?  Hands down, this Portuguese princess is the complete package; presence, bold curiosity, supreme athleticism, rare light silvery Grulla...and wow, those loud zebra stripes! Her what-else-can-I-do-with-you disposition and ride-all-day gaits offer limitless possibilities. A real can-do kinda of gal, she'll leave you asking, "Where have you been all my life?"

"Coleta" means a bullfighter's pony tail in Portuguese. Very appropiately named, this feminine athlete is the agility queen. Fabulous uphill movement coupled with effortless precision makes her a superior ranching, working horsemanship, dressage, jumper, eventer and endurance prospect.

Her dam, Jaz SD Calypso, is a 95% National Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horse, a solid- steel ranch bred mare. Coleta's sire is E. Preto, the gorgeous black Revised Lusitano stallion who competed in dressage and now is herd sire for Jaz Ranch.

If you are looking for that true all terrain vehicle or a classy mount that can do it all, Coleta is your girl!

*Congratulations to Lisa of San Diego on her purchase of this fine filly! Coleta will enjoy At Liberty Equine Dance, Dressage and Trail Riding. We are so excited to follow Coleta's adventures with Lisa!!

Ameritano, Azteca ~SOLD~

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