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​Cerulean Farm captures the majesty of the Baroque and Iberian Horse with a steadfast commitment to produce pleasing temperaments, superior athleticism, presence and trainability. We are also excited to be a cutting-edge producer of a fresh, new breed, the Ameritano.

LusitanoBack to the source....a journey that led us to the Foundation Horse of Portugal, the Lusitano...and most notably to an awe-inspiring talent, the Legendary Revised Black Lusitano Stallion, Halconero. Halconero, or Falconer in Portuguese, is 98% Veiga blood with many crosses to the renowned Veiga stallion, Ribatejo. Halconero's acclaimed Military bloodlines explode with brillant performances in Bull Fighting, Grand Prix Show Jumping and High Level Dressage. We chose this Mega-Talent to built our Foundation Iberian Horse Program. Cerulean Farm is proud to be home to our crowned jewel,

Ole de Halconero, a rare chocolate palomino "Hawk" filly. Her exquisite dam is sired by the highest scoring Lusitano Dressage stallion in Brazil, Quarteto do Top.

Ameritano. The another facet of our Iberian Horse breeding program infuses high percentage NFQHA blood with the Lusitano, resulting in an unbeatable cow horse, the Ameritano. This horse couples the strength and tireless work ethic of the Bulldog Foundation Quarter Horse with the cat-like agility and ride-all-day gaits of the Lusitano. The Ameritano excels in all ranching activities as well as Dressage, Jumping and Working Equitation.

BaroqueImagine Medieval Times, knights in shining armor on noble steeds, crushing battles, acquisition, rulers hungry for power. The Roman Empire is on it's knees triumphed by the Renaissance.

Passion-swept lands are held captive by art, chivalry, rivalry and the ruling class. This is the Age of Discovery, the Baroque Horse, its icon. Immortalized by Leonardo Da Vinci himself, the mighty Baroque Horse embodies a Type, rather than a breed of horse. His character is one with the knight he carried, brave, bold, noble, ever poised for purpose. The Baroque Horse is a War-Horse, Mac Truck power, I-am-king presence and binge-worthy dance.  His build is a sculpture inspired by a fantasy novel: chiseled face, thick neck, strong shoulders, broad well-muscled chest, strong back and substantial frame. Champion producing black stallion, Bridon Belfrey, RID, is our masterpiece, our Baroque Diamond. Follow your dreams and create your fairy tale!



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