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​Cerulean Farm is proud to be a part of preserving our Nation's Horse, the finest of quality purebred National Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horse, known for Unbeatable Temperament, Steadfast Character,  Strong Cow Sense, Unmistakable Bulldog Conformation and  Athleticism.

Cerulean Farm is home to the extraordinary black Bulldog 100% National Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion, Jaz Poco Zorro, NFQHA, AQHA. Zorro is an own son of the Legendary Little Steel Dust and the cornerstone of our Foundation Quarter Horse breeding program. We are proud to offer Zorro to outside mares. Breed your favorite mare to Zorro or choose foals from our Foundation Quarter Horse lineup or other Cerulean Farm mares! In-your-pocket temperaments and top prospects are our Hallmark; exotic, rare colors are our Trademark.  Quality Grullas of all shades, shimmering Silvers, intriguing Slates and stunning "White" are our specialty. No soot, no creme, just pure Grulla goodness. Blacks and Duns add to our pallet.

Whether you are interested in Ranching, Reining, Roping, Team Penning, Team Sorting, Western Dressage, Mounted Archery, Western Pleasure, Eventing, Hunting, Jumping or Trail Riding, we have the perfect foal for you. All of our horses are selected for pleasing disposition, eagerness-to-work, trainability and cow sense. Our Poco Bueno bloodlines infuse consistency in Bulldog type, temperament and athleticism while our carefully chosen outcross lines hone specialties for reining, ranching and western pleasure. Cerulean Farm is an Ambassador Farm for the National Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horse. Give us a call and plan a visit!


Cerulean Farm Kentucky Foundation Horses of the World
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