Cerulean Farm Registered Irish Draught Mares

 Cerulean Farm is named in honor of our Foundation Mare: 

Rakish Paddy, RID X Roma Blue Wind, RID

1994 Grey Registered Irish Draught Mare, 2x Hornby Premium

16.2 hands​

9 3/4 inches of bone

Roma Blue Hawk, RID 2x Hornby Premium Mare



Cerulean Nightingale, ID
Bridon Belfrey, RID x Roma Blue Hawk, RID, 2x Hornby Premiums

2015 Grey Irish Draught Mare

Mature at 16.2 hands

9 3/4 inches of bone (and growing)

*Cerulean Farm Homebred Irish Draught Mare, Full brother to Approved Stallion, Cerulean NightLife, RID.

Rose Ffion, RID, 3x Select Hornby Premium Mare

Finbarr, RID X Cherie Rose, AID, by Colman, RID

1986 Grey Registered Irish Draught Mare

16.1 hands

10 inches of bone

Keel Spirit, RID

Holy Cross, RID X Keel Dobbin, RID by Irish Leader, RID

1990 Black Registered Irish Draught Mare

16.2 Hands

9 ¾ inches of bone

Cerulean Farm Kentucky Foundation Horses of the World