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​Cerulean Farm specializes in producing the finest of quality purebred Irish Draughts and Irish Draught Sport Horses known for Traditional Type, Ample Bone, Outcross Bloodlines and Athleticism.

Whether you are interested in breeding to one of our outstanding stallions, customizing a breeding with a Cerulean Farm mare or purchasing a purebred Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse, we can assist you along the way.  At Cerulean Farm, great care is devoted to achieve world class performers with enchanting temperaments to enjoy the ride. All of our horses are extremely athletic, in-your-lap-friendly and suitable to excel in any discipline. Whether your pursuit is in Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, Hunters, Hunting, Driving, Ranching, Mounted Archery, Endurance or Trail riding, Cerulean Farm delivers. Cerulean Farm is an Ambassador Farm for the Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse breeds. Please give us a call and come for a visit!


Roma Blue Hawk, RID-Irish Draught Mare3.
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Cerulean Farm Kentucky Foundation Horses of the World
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