Jaz Ebon Heir100% NFQHA, AQHA, IBHA

Jaz Ebon Heir

Jaz Poco Bravo x Jaz Ebon Doll

2018 AQHA, IBHA, 100% NFQHA Mare

EE aa Dd Homozygous Slate Grulla

5 panel clean

*Registries pending

Bulldog. Jaz Ebon Heir is 100% National Foundation Bulldog Quarter horse. Her historic lineage is pure Bulldog that traces back 200 years when the American West was being settled.  As her name reveals, Ebon Heir is likely the last foal in a great dynasty. Her dam, Jaz Ebon Doll, is the most prized broodmare in Jaz Ranch history. We are honored to carry on these irreplaceable up close, old bloodlines. Ebon Heir is a Bulldog Empress, heir to her throne. That baby doll face could charm an army, but this girl is built like a fortress.  Broad blocky shoulders, powerhouse haunches and a short-coupled frame, we feel Ebon Heir could reign in all ranching disciplines. 

Dressed in Slate.  Ebon Heir is a very rare Slate Grulla adorned with a majestic dark Slate head and legs and a black mane and tail. Her body tone is a clean, lighter shade of Slate Grulla. Pure Slate, no soot! She's a standout!

DSC02431 (2).JPG

Ebon Heir's Sire, exceptional 100% NFQHA Bulldog,

               Jaz Poco Bravo 

*Courtesy Jaz Ranch

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