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Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA, AQHA Stallion


Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA, AQHA

Little Steel Dust X  Bains Showdown Dun

1999 Black 100% National Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion

5 Panel Clean

1300 Pounds

14.3 hands​


The Ultimate Bulldog.  Jaz Poco Zorro is our Nation's Horse, 100% pure American Bulldog Foundation Quarter Horse, no Thoroughbred blood. Zorro is a gorgeous, rare own son of the Legendary, Little Steel Dust, bringing back old bloodlines close to Poco Bueno himself. These close up bloodlines open up new options for Poco Bueno fans as well as those who desire to produce color, including Grulla, Dun and Black. Not just a pretty face, Zorro is a true gentleman. Ever kind in demeanor, this boy gets to work, eager to please. Zorro competed in team penning and team sorting.


Zorro sires quality, substance, athleticism, soundness and fantastic temperaments, marking him as a notable Foundation sire. Zorro's formidable frame feels as if in the presence of greatness, like being a witness to a true National treasure. His powerful Bulldog shoulders and haunches are well set on strong forearms, ample bone and strong, roomy feet. Built to endure tireless hours of ranch work over rugged terrain, Zorro has cow sense, speed and agility. His foals will excel in all Ranching specialties, Reining and Western Dressage. 

Cerulean Farm is proud to stand this high caliber stallion to outside mares. Book early and secure this rare opportunity to unmask bloodlines of historical significance and experience the mark of ZORRO!!! 


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