Jaz SD Calypso95% NFQHA, AQHA, IBHA


Jaz SD Calypso

RF Tee J Steel Dust x Jaz Miss Charro

2014 AQHA, IBHA, 95% NFQHA Mare

Ee aa DD Homozygous Dun, Light Silvery Grulla

1000 lbs, 14.3 H

5 panel clean

*Some registries pending

Bulldog Type. This horse is the real deal, what the West was built upon. She is very high percentage National Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horse, the ultimate bulldog type. There's no mistaking Jaz SD Calypso is special. Her presence captivates and draws the rugged, wild west front and center. Calypso is rock solid steel, sired by the great RF Tee J Steel Dust. She is strength and catlike agility with a doll face, big, beautiful eyes and an intelligence like no other.

Loud Dun Factor. Calypso is dusted in light silvery grulla, crowned by gorgeous highlights in her mane and tail. Her primitive markings strike intrigue. Calypso will produce top ranch and sport horses capable of the athleticism and stamina for any discipline, equally capable of producing winners in IBHA shows. 

Calypso side.jpg

Calypso's top producing sire,     RF Tee J Steel Dust

*Courtesy Jaz Ranch


*We are very excited about Calypso's 2019 Foal By AQHA All Time #1 Reining Stallion, Rawhides Slvr Bullet

Jaz SD Calypso Right Side.jpg

Calypso's 2018 Grullo Ameritano Filly is SOLD! Calypso foaled an Ameritano filly, an extremely rare, newly founded breed. The Ameritano is a combination of National Foundation Bulldog Quarter Horse (90% or higher) and an IALHA (or APSL) registered Lusitano. The Ameritano can also be registered Azteca, but not all Azteca's can be Ameritano's! There are only a handful of these fancy, athletic individuals in the world. Be one of the first to own this exciting new breed! Please inquire about this cute filly. ~SOLD~

*Congratulations to Lisa of San Diego on her purchase of this fine filly! Coleta will enjoy At Liberty Equine Dance, Dressage and Trail Riding. We are so excited to follow Coleta's adventures with Lisa!!

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Coletta weaning day head.JPG
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