Keel Spirit, Registered Irish Draught Mare

Keel Spirit, RID

Holy Cross, RID X Keel Dobbin, RID by Irish Leader, RID

1990 Black Registered Irish Draught Mare

16.2 Hands

9 ¾ inches of bone


Rare, Outcross Lines. Keel Spirit, RID was imported from Ireland as a 4 year old. Spirit is a rare black mare by Holycross, RID who was sired by Ben Purple, RID, known as the all-time greatest producer of outstanding Irish Draught broodmares. Spirit is the image of her sire and shares his presence. She is out of Keel Dobbin, RID by Irish Leader, RID, an exceedingly rare bloodline making Spirit a key contributer to genetic diversity within the world-wide Irish Draught herd. She has produced the promising purebred ID stallion prospect, Oceallaigh’s Proud Celtic Knight, ID by Huntingfield Proud Tim, RID.


Conformation and Movement. Spirit has a particularly lovely head, elegant neck, strong wither and back, deep hearthgirth and powerful haunches set upon correct limbs with generous good flat bone.

Spirit is an especially forward and rhythmic mare. She is a graceful all terrain vehicle.


Rare Color. The black coat is considered rare in the Irish Draught breed with only 1/10th of 1% currently expressed. In a predominantly grey breed with many individuals being homozygous grey, the black pigment adds further ID genetic diversity. DNA color testing of Keel Spirit, RID specifies she has a 25% chance of producing a homozygous black foal when bred to a black RID stallion.


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