Winning Hearts. In only two weeks into his new home at Cerulean Farm, Zorro's fan club is growing! He's winning hearts from some of the world's best equine reproductive specialists, trainers and breeders.

"Zorro is the cutest stallion ever! He reminds me of the quarter horses my parents used to breed."

Head Equine Theriogenologist at world-renown Equine Hospital, Rood and Riddle


"Zorro, he's just a gentleman...he hasn't been ridden in 4 years, I threw a saddle on his back, got on and could have worked cows on him. Great mind. This boy has some good training."

Head Trainer at Zimmerman Horse and clinician.

"We just love him. I participated in a clinic and we were surrounded by mares. He didn't even look at them. He's a perfect gentleman."

Amateur and previous owner.


Jaz Poco Zorro, 100% NFQHA, AQHA Testimonials

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