Excerpt from www.Ameritano.com:

An AMERITANO is a cross between an IALHA (or APSL) registered Lusitano - and an NFQHA horse certified at 90% or higher.  If one parent is an IALHA S/P it must be a minimum of 75% Lusitano (no more than 25% Andalusian).

All AMERITANOS can be registered with IALHA - & the Azteca registry.
Ameritanos can compete in USDF &  IALHA events as well as NRHA, NCHA, and many other events.

All AMERITANOS qualify as Aztecas -  but very few Aztecas qualify as AMERITANOS!

Purpose: Ameritano Horse Registry has been formed for the purpose of recognizing and validating the special cross of a high percentage Quarter Horse crossed on a Portugese Lusitano.  This is to differentiate an Ameritano from the myriad of other Iberian crosses, including the cross on high percentage Thoroughbred Quarter Horses.

In the past any cross between a Portuguese Lusitano or the Spanish Andalusian and any American Quarter Horse was referred to as an Azteca (the National Horse of Mexico), or as a Half Bred for purposes of registration with IALHA.

It is felt the cross of a Lusitano on a 90% or higher Quarter Horse as certified by NFQHA was so specific that it deserved its' own name to distinguish it from all the other generic crosses.

The term' AMERITANO' was an obvious choice ~ combining the beginning of American QH and the last of the Lusitano name.

A bonus ~ the name contains 'merit' ~ perfect for this wonderful horse!

Goals. Both breeds are highly intelligent, easily trained, cow savvy, people friendly, hardy, good footed, and versatile.

Simply put, the goal is for the Ameritano to combine the best traits of each breed into a horse that can cross between the two worlds of Western events and activities and Dressage performance.  The aim is for a horse that can compete in many disciplines, as well as make an outstanding pleasure, trail, and ranch horse.  The Ameritano will be a natural choice for all the traditional activities, and for Working Equitation, Western Dressage, and similar events that are quickly gaining in popularity.

The NFQHA Quarter Horse. The goal for the Foundation Quarter horse is to achieve more elegant, graceful movement, slightly more height, and more flexibility.  With more animation and more uphill movement, without sacrificing their incredible agility and legendary disposition.

The Lusitano. The goals for the Lusitano is to achieve a calmer spirit, a broader horse with more muscle and bone - while retaining their legendary courage, grace, and flexibility that served them so well as war and bullfighting horses.

What's an Ameritano?

Caballito Acero-First Ameritano Stallion

Cerulean Farm Kentucky Foundation Horses of the World

Mariachi-2016 Ameritano Stallion

*Courtesy Ameritano Registry

*Courtesy Jaz Ranch