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Cerulean is synonymous with quality. Every stallion we stand and every foal we sell passes rigorous requirements and sets the standard for conformation, breed type, athleticism, temperament and versatility. But you don't have to take our word for it!

What people are talking about

“Your stallion brings tears to my eyes; he’s so beautiful.”

-A Hunter/Jumper rider at the 2007 IDHSNA show was so touched by Belfrey that she is adding Irish Draught Sport Horses to her Hunter/String!”

“Belfrey is the next GREAT sire!!”

-Respected Equine Veterinarian, IDHSNA member and competitor


“THAT horse can JUMP!!”

-Respected Equine Veterinarian, IDHSNA member and competitor


“He is a DREAM horse!!!”

-Spectator at 2005 Irish Draught Horse Society National Show


“He is a perfect 10!!!”

-Spectator at 2005 Irish Draught Horse Society National Show


“He is quite impressive…Willow has more of the hunter type movement, so when I saw Brie (IDSH foal by Belfrey) trot, I said ‘well that’s interesting.’ I know now she trots just like her dad. He evidently is a very dominant sire.”

-Jenna Ordway, owner of Belfrey’s first sport horse foal


“Belfrey’s special. He’s a Cadillac!!! I love everything about this horse!”

-Belfrey’s farrier


“I would NEVER offer my jugular to any other horse, let alone a stallion!”

-Belfrey’s farrier describing the big boy’s affectionate nuzzling.


“Belfrey has a great mind. He’s a very smart horse.”

-Belfrey’s veterinarian about Belfrey being trained to breed AI.

And many, many more! We'll be updating this page periodically.

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